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Dave + Angie: 04.09.2016 (Central Lutheran and Windows on Minnesota – IDS Tower)

Links: Facebook Album (Top 200 images), All 1000 images (download or order – contact Angie or Dave for the password), Judd Sather Photography, Windows on Minnesota

Dave and Angie met doing mission work in Haiti, and I’m pretty sure they have not stopped smiling since. It is so fun to work with people that genuinely have fun constantly and enjoy each other’s company so much. They picked amazingly picturesque venues in Central Lutheran Church and Windows on Minnesota.

Some of our favorite images are below: The inside/outside juxtaposition at The Guthrie Theater, walking away from the church, Angie’s tear that made her lose the crying bet, all the guys on their phones (especially Richard’s 1990s cordless), Reggie’s dance, and the closing shot with Minneapolis lights in the background. We also had the privilege to capture the wedding on video and will post that here when it’s ready in a couple weeks. Kudos to dress design from Essence of Australia and JenMar Creations for the flower girl dresses.

Oh and I have to tell you that Angie makes the most AMAZING monster cookies – ask her to make some for you sometime. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Angie and Dave for having us be a part of your day! – Judd, Josh, Breana, Eric, and Casey

Here is their highlight video:

And slideshow of images:

And Toasts:

And Full Ceremony:

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Ryan + Julie: 02.06.2016 (Amber Springs Events – Montomery, Texas)

Shooting in Texas!! We have shot in 17 states now, but this was our first time in Texas and it was thrilling for Ryan and Julie to ask us to come down to Montgomery. So we spent a couple extra days checking out all the NASA fun at Johnson Space Center – very cool stuff.

Ryan’s hombres are true Texans with their broad shoulders, hi-jinks, and ostrich boots that continuously gave each other (and the girls) a hard time the entire week! Julie had massive amounts of awesome details and here are my top 10 favorite moments:
10. Bride and Groom’s cake (Ryan’s was camo with the sight cross hairs on top)
9. Glow sticks for end of the night send off
8. Ryan’s “sandbox” at the groom’s dinner – representing the “almost” beach wedding ๐Ÿ™‚
7. Bridesmaid’s singing to Julie
6. Dustin’s best man speech (equal parts hilarity and from-the-heart just like Wedding Crashers)
5. Custom Coozies (Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, and Guests)
4. Custom fans and mirrors for the ladies
3. Custom scrapbook made for Julie – so awesome!
2. Nail hair (Nuff said!)
1. Eric almost singing Bette Midler’s classic “Wind Beneath My Wings” during the ceremony and Andy reciting the enter Huey Lewis’ “Power of Love” during the ceremony (I was doubled over laughing by the third verse)

So fun to see our wedding clients Dustin and Chelsey (thanks for the awesome referral) and little Dane Douglas!! Glad we got the reenactment image of the infamous Chelsey / Julie dance on a phone at least. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again for letting us be a part of your day Ryan and Julie! -Judd and Josh

Links: Facebook Album (Judd’s favorite 200), Link to all 1000 images (Contact Julie for the password), Amber Spring Events, Judd Sather Photography

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Class of 2017 Ambassador Program!

Okay, so senior pics time is fast approaching. The 2016 seniors are graduating, the juniors are going into their last high school summer break and you have to get your senior pics set up so you can get that awesome image put in the yearbook. Like always our ambassador program has an amazing $1000 CASH scholarship that goes to the ambassador with the most referrals, but this year we are offering some extra incentives for our best sellers!

What do you have to do to become an ambassador?

1. Fill out the application below.


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Carl + Lauren: 12.31.2015 (A’Bulae and St. Andrews Lutheran)

Links: Facebook Album (Judd’s 200 favorites), Link to ALL IMAGES (Contact Lauren for the password), A’Bulae, Judd Sather Photography, Lavender Events and Weddings (Decor)

New Year’s Eve! In 15 years of wedding photography, this was our first New Year’s Eve wedding and it was awesome to spend with Lauren and Carl! It’s always hard to find just the right thing to do on NYE, and the incredible group of friends and family were all in the right place tonight.

‘Twas a bit chilly as Lauren slipped off her snow covered heels to warm up – I love the image of the first glance when she was about to tap Carl on the shoulder on the rooftop of A’Bulae with downtown St. Paul in the background. She wanted the heels and no shoveling and got it – plus icy feet! Her boots were needed for the courageous trek to half-frozen Minnehaha Falls – what a backdrop for a winter wedding – spectacular!

Some of my favorite images and video are below: kiss in the limo, snowy trees, Trent/Josh wipeouts in the snow, Lauren’s brother’s ring, frozen falls, and the spins! Lauren and Carl had a choreographed first dance which had a very dramatic spin that we recreated a few times throughout the day and made for some fun images. A big shout out to the NYE details made alive by Kyra & crew – clocks, table settings, place cards, etc, etc – they were awesome! Speaking of details, Carl had some custom cuff links made and they both had custom low top Chuck Taylors with 12.31.2015 on them – super cool touch.

How about getting kicked off the ice rink?!?!? But at least we didn’t jump in the elevator. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the awesome time Lauren and Carl!! – Judd, Josh, and Dayna

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Chase + Ellie: 12.05.15 (The Loft at Studio J)

Green grass in December for Chase and Ellie – what a fun day! It’s always challenging shooting in December with cold and darkness, but today we added a twinkle parade, fireworks, and Santa in the bucket of a fire truck to the list! I love the images we took just before the reception out by the twinkle lights down by The Dock Cafe. At Pioneer Park, the engineer guys wanted an image of the two Stillwater bridges in focus with them out-of-focus just to clarify! And then like true gentlemen, they held the flowers for the bridesmaids and mugged for a few images.

Ellie had some new creative image ideas and tons of great details like the ring box and cork-filled centerpieces – so cool. We shot Chase and Ellie’s engagement session of 18 months ago so they really had the details dialed in. I love how The Loft seems so cozy in the winter… snowflakes and people bundled up outside on Main Street while the party is going on inside.

The image of Ellie looking out the bride’s room window just before the ceremony is one of my favorites for the year! I love it as photographers when we have a few extra minutes and grab a quick and unplanned awesome image (in between bites of cheese curds of course – ha!). Thanks Ellie and Chase for choosing The Loft and us to capture your wedding images! – Judd and Josh and The Loft crew

Links: Facebook Album (Top 200 images), Link to all 900 images (Contact Ellie for the password), Judd Sather Photography, The Loft at Studio J

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Anthony + Tanya: 10.24.2015 (The Loft at Studio J)

Today was a throwback to my teaching days with Tony and Tanya and all the North High connections!

We have continued to have a magical fall for photography in Stillwater! October 24 seems a little late for fall colors, but the yellows really came out this week to add to an already colorful palette in the valley. The images we took at Pioneer Park were very unique and colorful for the season – my favorite is the sun flare one with Tony and Tanya in the bottom corner.

When we shoot at the awesome Loft at Studio J, we try to always do different and unique images for people and Tanya’s hanging dress with the wide lens on Josh’s wall is one of our favorites. Some other fun images below include Grandma on the flip phone, the groomsmen adjusting their suspenders in a train, tears during the first dance sung by Tanya’s parents, and a big group hug. We also got some sweet images on the soon-to-be-demolished loading dock at our new venue, JX.

There are always a few moments during any wedding that are very emotional and surprising that we love to capture. Perhaps my favorite is the speeches because you never really know how funny and emotional they will be – especially when friends and family pour their heart out to the bride and groom – and that happened today.

We have done same-day slideshows of images we have taken during the wedding day and played them at the reception for about 10 years now, but something happened today that was different: Tanya was so overcome by the power of seeing those images in almost real time, that she came and gave me a hug DURING the slideshow. She totally missed about 5 images just to give me a hug and that was awesome!!! It was such a surprise that neither Josh or I could capture it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you Tony and Tanya for letting us be a part of your big day and deliver these images to you! -Judd and Josh and The Loft Staff

Links: Facebook Album (Top 200 images), Link to ALL 1000 images (Contact Tanya for the password – COMING SOON!), The Loft at Studio J, Judd Sather Photography

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