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JX Venue Logo / Brand Contest!

OK so after spending months at the drawing board, we have two great candidates for logos for one of the newest (and largest) event venues in the Twin Cities: JX Event Venue. It will be opening May 1, 2016.

We think there is some creativity out there that we would love to see! Contest submissions should be submitted to by October 1, 2015 and the winner will be announced by October 15, 2015 and be awarded the $500 prize. We have to like and use the wining logo. It’s that simple!

Style words: Elegant, Sophisticated, Sexy, Modern, Timeless, Mature
Colors: Grey, Silver, Blue, Black, White, Navy, Violet?
Direction: We have tried in many forms to have the J and X interlace in a cool way that is not necessarily seen at first.
Name: “JX Event Venue” or “JX Venue at The Shoe Factory” (The building was built in 1906 as a shoe factory and will have a secret speakeasy with a secret tunnel where they carried the shoes underground to the store).

The space has historic brick sides and dramatic, modern light fixtures, the bar is lined with multimedia, and it is located in the heart of beautiful and historic downtown Stillwater, MN.

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Brason + Lindsey: 08.15.15 (Avalon Riverboat and The Loft at Studio J)

Sometimes being a good photographer in Stillwater (or anywhere) means you know when the bridal party needs to just stop taking pictures and chow down on mac ‘n cheese pizza from Quickfire Pizza… Their ceremony was on The Avalon Riverboat without food, and when we started the creative time it was pretty clear that almost everyone needed food. So we spent 45 minutes just feeding our faces and having drinks in downtown Stillwater on a balmy day, and man did it hit the spot!

From the moment we met Brason and Lindsey, we had the feeling that there was going to be a whirlwind of fun, craziness, and spontaneity surrounding their wedding. We showed up for an engagement session, got to meet “Pile” the dog, and five hours later we had taken about 600 engagement pictures (mostly due Jason’s erratic driving while Lindsey and Brason were tubing!). Epic.

Lindsey had an AMAZING statement piece designed by Marlaina Stone, and she had them made for each of her bridesmaids’ personality. The massive clasp is what we put the rings around for the ring image. We also grabbed a very cool image of Lindsey laying on the ground that I love – it was inspired by the crazy carpet pattern on the Avalon. It was funny that a couple of her relatives though she had fallen or passed out when we were taking the shots – sorry about that! 🙂

Some other fun random memories: Brason had a puppy pattern tie, the bridesmaid threw their wilted bouquets over the edge of the boat, Chris polished of many people’s beers at the pizza place, the bridal party was flown into the groom’s dinner on Jimmy Buffet’s former plane, the 45 second ceremony (after processional), the bottle of Dom Pérignon on the bride’s room, Lindsey spilling pizza on her dress, rooftop after after party, but MOST of all was the HEIGHT of the bridal toss images at Pioneer Park! So the award for this wedding goes to the highest bridal toss ever, by any wedding party anywhere I’m sure.

It was such a pleasure working with you guys, Lindsey and Brason – thanks for letting us be a part of your lives to capture these images! – Judd and Josh

Links: Link to all 800 images (Contact Lindsey for the password), Facebook Album, Judd Sather Photography, The Loft at Studio J


Judd’s favorites:


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Hanging Your Wall Portraits from Studio J

We saw this interesting article on hanging your portrait or other artwork in your home. Wall art hanging is installation is included with all wall portraits purchased through Studio J and Judd Sather Photography!

But here are some helpful tips if you want to try yourself and can convert from centimeters! 🙂


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“Behind The Scenes of Joe and Nicole’s Wedding”

Some people wanted to know what really happens behind the scenes at a wedding, so we got some “secret” footage of Joe and Nicole’s wedding, and put it together for this “tongue and cheek” video for your amusement…!?
Starring the vendors for their wedding: Judd Sather Photography, Marna’s Catering, Hair by Heidi, and The Loft at Studio J

Concept: Rolando of Marna’s Catering
Filmed and directed by Judd and Josh of Studio J
Edited by super awesome Studio J video intern Mary Rose!!

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Dave + Karin: 06.28.2015 (Hope Glen Farm)

What a beautiful venue Dave and Karin picked for their wedding! It was our first visit to Hope Glen Farm and there were so many textured locations to shoot. Dave and Karin were up for whatever really, but my favorites might be the plantation / senior portraits we took on the stone wall before the ceremony. Multiple photobombs by Emily were a very close second. 🙂

Rain interrupted the party for a bit, but allowed for a gorgeous ceremony in the pavilion. And then the party was on… horseshoes, goats, our new photo booth, Bob’s toast/roast & ribbon wand/tambourine/cowbell extravaganza, “Ballroom Blitz” by Todd, a sparkler tunnel departure, teenage sober cabs, and a pretty incredible party on a gorgeous Minnesota summer Sunday night.

Perhaps what I love most about being a photographer is having a “backstage pass” to document people’s lives. Add into the mix being able to capture such a good friend throughout all the highs and lows of life, and it becomes a pretty awesome responsibility and privilege. After photographing 250+ weddings, Dave and Karin set the new and untouchable record for the longest applause after the wedding pronouncement. It seemed like almost a full 3 minutes, and was a testament to how you live your lives. Thanks for being such awesome people, and allowing us all to witness your wedding day! -Judd and Josh

Links: Facebook Album, Link to order prints or download all images (contact Dave and Karin for the password)Hope Glen Farm, Judd Sather Photography

Carol - July 18, 2015 - 1:11 PM

Gets me teary all over again. What beautiful reminders of a happy,happy day!

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