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Brian + Jennifer: 09.03.2016 (Trellis and The Loft at Studio J)

Links: Facebook Album (Top 150 images), Link to all images (about 1000 – contact Jennifer for the password), Trellis, Loft at Studio J, Judd Sather Photography

Décor-apalooza!!! Jennifer has such amazing attention to detail – it’s hard to find a place to start…  There were locks with messages, doorknobs, skeleton keys, flags, pictures, family unity sand, and much much more!  She even had Brian pick up the skeleton keys across the country on his traveling for work.

We had some cute flower girls chanting and amazing day at both Trellis and Pioneer Park before getting the part started at The Loft – congrats Jennifer and Brian it was so fun to be a part of your wedding day (planking and loitering and all)! 🙂 – Judd and Josh



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Jeremy + Marisa: 08.13.2016 (JX Venue, Stillwater, MN)

Facebook Album, Link to All Images (Contact Marisa for the password), Judd Sather Photography, JX Venue

Succulents! Such awesome décor for Marisa and Jeremy’s wedding today – we got some super cool ring shots on the succulents at the end of a marvelous night. They chose a very cool stop at Lift Bridge Brewery that was a fantastic idea – nothing like a little Farm Girl Saison in the middle of a wedding day… Marisa and Jeremy chose to have their wedding at JX due to a very special meaning and super cool story:

Thanks for having us as part of your wedding day you two! – Judd and Josh

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Ben + Molly: 08.12.2016 (JX Venue, Stillwater, MN)

Rain! I think that old saying “Rain on your wedding day makes for a prosperous relationship” was to make people feel better on a rainy wedding day, but maybe it’s true?! Ben and Molly and their wedding party didn’t mind the rain at all – they jumped in a limo and splashed around for some epic images! By the way, we HIGHLY recommend a limo for creative picture time for a variety of reasons: weather, comfort, drinks, and music just to name a few. And we had a bonus limo dog as well, which was just fantastic. 🙂

We met Ben and Molly when they were in Stillwater (from Texas) as a walk-in one Saturday morning I believe and I gave them an impromptu tour of The Loft and JX Venue. We were so excited that the ended up booking JX and us for photography as well! We had a great time shooting their engagement session in Texas this winter as well – it was a combo of beach cruiser bikes and Johnson Space Center rockets!

Some of my favorite images are below: Lighted ring box, rain splash images, pallet jack, limo dog, the ring on the pretzel bun, and of course what would any wedding with a room full of aerospace engineers be without a rotating STARFIELD.

Thanks for having us a part of your awesome wedding day! And… Don’t stop believin’ (limo song)! 🙂 – Judd and Josh

Links: Facebook Album, Link to all 1000 images (Contact Molly for the password), JX Event Venue, Judd Sather Photography


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John + Kathy: 07.15.2016 (Lafayette Club, Minnetonka Beach)

Links: Facebook Album, Link to ALL images (Contact John and Kathy for the password), Lafayette Club, Judd Sather Photography

What a gorgeous day for John and Kathy at the picturesque Lafayette Club on Lake Minnetonka! We felt right at home with them immediately and found some cool little nooks and crannies around the Club to catch some cool sunlight and textures. I love the images of the curved staircase – look for the ring bearer in the picture! Kathy surprised John with an amazing piano piece during the reception which you can catch a glimpse of in the video below. I also love the images of the ring on the super fragrant Hawaiian lei and also the images right at sunset. Thanks for inviting us to be part of your day Kathy and John! -Judd and Josh

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Michael + Hannah: 07.09.2016 (JX Event Venue)

Links: Facebook Album, Link to ALL images (Contact Hannah for the password), JX Event Venue, Judd Sather Photography

Hannah and Michael were the first couple to get married at JX Event Venue – wow! What an amazing day – two fun families and just a laid-back party atmosphere the entire day. We were honored to shoot Austin and Kelsey’s wedding last year at our other venue, The Loft at Studio J, so it was great to have a different experience for the family just two blocks away.

After an awesome moment with Jen and all the women in the VIP room, Michael and Hannah had their ceremony down by the gazebo. We then proceeded to board our first ever boat limos to do some sandbar hopping along the St. Croix. We have been to the boom site a couple other times with weddings, but it was too shallow to pull in there so we had to shoot across on the other side and got some unreal images there!

People were laughing the entire day; I loved the tie clips on the men, the Tinder headshot session, Gary the DJ serenading Grandma, the special mop dance, the all-white bridesmaids dresses, the air achieved on the garter toss, the push-up situation, and the disposable camera situation (they still sell those??). Below are some of our favorite images and slideshow – thanks Hannah and Michael for the uber fun day and breaking in JX! – Judd and Josh

Cherie Skildum - August 8, 2016 - 8:06 AM

Unbelievable, Judd and Josh! What a beautiful way to relive an epic Day! Both of our daughters and husbands had the best day of their lives! Many thanks for so elegantly recording their weddings! You two are truly the best!!

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Cullen + Alix: 06.17.2016 (The Loft at Studio J)

Links: Facebook Album, Link to all images, The Loft at Studio J, Judd Sather Photography

So this was a crazy fun day starting of with the first glance where Alix employed two young nephews to give Cullen a spank for the first glance! A group of super fun friends, a massively windy trolley ride (post traffic jam / liquor store stop), boom site spider-monkey image, and cave and water images added to a one of a kind photo shoot with this crew. We really enjoy being photographers and capturing all these moments as they happen spontaneously with a group on such an important day.

Alix had chosen some very cool decor including a guest globe for signing, actual knot for tying during the ceremony, exquisite jewelry, and a most unique bouquet that was made from her grandmother’s jewelry and other trinkets – super unique and heavy!

I absolutely love the images of Alix and her bridesmaids getting ready in the bride’s room at The Loft at Studio J. Thanks Alix and Cullen for letting us be a part of your amazingly fun day and enjoy the images! – Judd, Josh, and Evan

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