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Mike + Amy: 11.11.16 (A’Bulae and Church of the Assumption)

Links: Facebook Album, Link to All Images (Contact Mike and Amy for the password), Judd Sather Photography, #juddsather #happilyeverward

Mike and Amy are the rare couple that we didn’t need to pose much at all – they were doing naturally what looks really great: lifting, kissing at the right time, not kissing at the right time, drinking the champagne of beers (haha)! That’s why their rings were perched on the Miller High Life bottles. πŸ™‚

The was a blur of a day since it was a Friday and we started a little later, but the weather was amazing – but not as amazing as Amy’s shoes! And I about had a sugar coma for all the delectable treats; see the image of the chocolate bacon mini cupcake below. πŸ™‚

Thanks Mike and Amy for an awesome whirlwind of a day! – Judd and Josh

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Stoddard + Mindy: 10.14.2016 (The Loft at Studio J)

Links: Facebook Album, Link to All Images (Contact Mindy for the password), Judd Sather Photography, The Loft at Studio J, @JuddSather, #juddsatherphotography

This was an amazing day with an amazingly fun group of people! The bridesmaids dresses were to die for, there was gorgeous weather, amazingly vibrant fall colors, awesome creative time in a really awesome school bus (with lots of open drinks…). We spotted a couple locations that we had never shot before like the large rock wall which yielded some great images. Thanks you Mindy and Stoddard for letting us capture your day – enjoy the images! -Judd and Josh


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Ryan + Becky: 10.22.2016 (St. Andrews & JX Venue)

Links: Facebook Album, Link to All Images (Contact Becky for the password), St. Andrews Lutheran Church, Judd Sather Photography, JX Venue

FUN FROM THE START – the slideshow below starts with dancing to “Fireball.” Many times Josh and I were confused at timing because everyone was dancing and we had tons of creative images BEFORE the trip to the ceremony.

We had so much creative fun with this crew: from corn stalks to bubushka wraps/kilts to slippers to garter Fireball holsters to donut-abras to super creative decor by Wendy! to Toy Soldiers, this wedding was a blast from the first minute. Thanks Becky and Ryan for being so great, being up for anything, and bringing an awesome group of family and friends to JX! ILYATWUTJAATWDTTLATS! – Judd and Josh πŸ™‚


Wendy steiner - December 6, 2016 - 1:10 AM

These pictures are phenomenal. I don’t know how we are ever going to narrow down our choices. What a really fun day. You guys were the best to work with!

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Nathan + Jillian: 10.21.16 (First Baptist Church and JX Venue)

Links: Facebook Album, All Images (contact Nate and Jillian for the password – coming soon!), JX Venue, Judd Sather Photography

Nate and Jillian had just a spectacular day today! Jillian shed a little tear when she saw the room decor all set up from Camrose Hill – it was a close match to the styled shoot we did for JX before we opened – Nordic winter themed. The ceremony was at a quaint baptist church in Hudson and we took the limo bus to a park that overlooked the St. Croix Valley – including the church where they were married. It was amazingly picturesque with all the fall colors.

Some other fun images were of the cutest flower girl ever pulling back the curtain at JX and tugging on Jillian’s dress. Nate and Jillian have such big hearts – they played a video and had dancing socks out for their favorite cause and charity which included the story of how they met. Thanks for including us in your wedding day! – Judd and Josh


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Cam + Kari: 10.01.2016 (Stillwater Library and JX Venue)

So this was quite the day… I’ve never seen a wedding party have so much fun and be so complimentary at the same time to the bride and groom. This was a festive group of family and friends and the dog/ring picture even made it on the welcome table! πŸ™‚

We had just a beautiful day and setting at the Stillwater Public Library for Kari and Cam’s ceremony. We love long veils for dramatic shots! But they sure do tend to be taken off the bride very quickly. πŸ™‚ We stopped at Pioneer Park and it was just jammed up with people so we made a quick stop for a super unique image of the bridal party on the backside of the band shell – love that image! It was also Harvest Fest in town so we stopped and had an impromptu first dance with the band down by the river.

It was so fun to see so many old connections back to North High School, and to spend so much time with this awesome couple over the last year or so – congrats Kari and Cam and thanks for having us be a part of your day! – Judd, Breanna, Cory, and Jake (video coming soon!)

Links: Facebook Album, All Images (Contact Kari for the password), JX Venue, Judd Sather Photography


Cameron & Kari – October 1st, 2016 from Jake Dahm on Vimeo.

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Brent + Sue: 09.09.2016 (The Loft at Studio J)

Links: Facebook Album, Link to All Images (Contact Sue for the password), The Loft at Studio J, Judd Sather Photography

Sue and Brent are just the coolest couple – every time I approached Sue she stopped and introduced me to who she was talking to. It was just a small thing but spoke loudly about how they care for the people with whom they surround themselves. Old-school hospitality goes a long way! πŸ™‚ Sue had some custom pink Chuck Taylors and just a gorgeous dress that didn’t quite have a hanger that works so we used the chandelier at The Loft!

Among our favorite images below are some exquisite images at JX (on the bar and in stairwell) with the tilt-shift lens. Good thing Brent loved Grain Belt Premium. πŸ™‚ The ring-bearer had a “ring security” briefcase; it’s not often that you see totally new ideas in this Pinterest world but that briefcase was a new one. Thanks Brent and Sue for being so cool and chill and celebrating your wedding at The Loft with us! -Judd and Josh

Same day slideshow:

Our favorites!

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Brian + Jennifer: 09.03.2016 (Trellis and The Loft at Studio J)

Links: Facebook Album (Top 150 images), Link to all images (about 1000 – contact Jennifer for the password), Trellis, Loft at Studio J, Judd Sather Photography

DΓ©cor-apalooza!!! Jennifer has such amazing attention to detail – it’s hard to find a place to start… Β There were locks with messages, doorknobs, skeleton keys, flags, pictures, family unity sand, and much much more! Β She even had Brian pick up the skeleton keys across the country on his traveling for work.

We had some cute flower girls chanting and amazing day at both Trellis and Pioneer Park before getting the part started at The Loft – congrats Jennifer and Brian it was so fun to be a part of your wedding day (planking and loitering and all)! πŸ™‚ – Judd and Josh



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