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Grand Canyon Photovenuture (Adventure Travel to Picturesque Places)

Another amazing 14 day whitewater + camping trip to Grand Canyon!  I took 3 cameras this time including a GoPro Max that shot video in 360.  Enjoy the 20 minute highlight video (I couldn’t cut out any more footage).

For more information on where we are traveling for our next Adventure Travel Experience, check out our photoventure page.  For more info on Arizona Raft Adventures – check out their website!






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Kourtney + Tyler: 04.22.02023 (JX Venue)

Every once in awhile, something very profound happens at a wedding but this might top them all…
Kourtney’s brother died unexpectedly recently and it was emotional that he wasn’t at the wedding.
During family pictures, when it was time for Kourtney’s immediate family (he should have been in the picture), the song “Sedona” by Houdmouth started playing over the speakers randomly…
This was “his song” and the dance floor sang it super loud during the dance… wan emotional and cool experience for everyone; enjoy the images from this amazing day!! 🙂

Sometimes something very profound happens and that happened today!

David Badger - June 20, 2023 - 9:38 PM

What a wonderful post! Thank you for capturing all the beauty, passion and love.


jsather - June 21, 2023 - 12:05 PM

It was great meeting your amazing family, David! -Judd 🙂

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“Photoventures” – Travel / Landscape / Nature Photography to New Zealand’s South Island

Enjoy these images and video from our photoventure to New Zealand’s South Island…

Introducing “Photoventures” by Studio J!  We would love to be your in person travel guide / fun finder / camera expert to the most picturesque places on the planet!

I am inspired by my grandparents, who led cruises and trips all around the world in the 70s and 80s and arguably took one of the first “selfies” ever recorded (Steve and Genevieve circa 1960s).

Click here if you are interested in where we are going next!



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