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The Grand Canyon – a short film of the September Surfer hilarity

The Grand Canyon is a magical place, and when you add magical people on a 14 day trip unplugged from the world the result is something really special.  Here is a glimpse of the people that spent two weeks in September paddling the mighty Colorado River.

To say I was scared at times is an understatement.

To say that my fingers hurt from playing guitar for 4+ hours per day is an understatement.

To say that the rafts were adjusted to accommodate a ridiculous amount of beers is also an understatement.

This was my second time to the Grand Canyon; I was more prepared from a photography / battery standpoint, but I wasn’t prepared for the physicality of paddling 100 of the 226 miles in an inflatable kayak!

Enjoy the footage, and everyone please put this on your bucket lists!!  The amazing tour group is AZRA, and they have a 1-2 year waiting list!

Links: Images on my Facebook page, Link to Download Images and here is a clue to the password: river____y
If you’d like to order an album of the fun (large or small), email me at!

Highlights – A Short Film of 13 minutes

Full Songs and Stories – so you can drink in every drunken lyric
Bagpipes – for only the true fans of the majestic instrument


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