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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Sara and John – July 26, 2008

Click here to view their Storybook Album! The shopping cart will work once Sara and John have viewed all the pictures first and then released them for viewing.Just when I think a bridal party couldn’t be more fun, along comes another one – the groomsmen built this man-pyramid and ran an authentic football play: 36 […]

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At least we didn’t pay $5/gallon for Diesel!

My #1 piece of advice: TRAVEL. If you have some vacation days, use them – go somewhere. We all get caught up in our own little rat races (sometimes self-inflicted) and whether or not our lawn is mowed as nice as the neighbor’s. Traveling is a great way to put it all in perspective. We […]

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Jung hee and Bernie – July 6, 2008

Click here to see their album!You’re not going to believe this but I met with these two on Monday and they booked me for their Sunday wedding – yep, 6 days lead time. We deal with all types here including 2 years+ engagements but these guys are rare and simple – just wanted to get […]

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