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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Jon and Megan – August 5, 2007

Click here to view Jon and Megan’s Italian Album – the shopping cart icon will work once Jon and Megan have had a chance to view all the pictures. Their YouTube highlight video will be online in a few weeks.Here’s their highlight video!Wedding #5 in a 9-day stretch… here I come, Wisconsin! Hopefully they sell […]

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Aaron and Ellie – August 4, 2007

Click here to view Aaron and Ellie’s Italian Album design! Highlight Video Part 1!Part 2…reception fun!“Most animated dinner” award goes to Aaron and Ellie’s wedding – it will probably go down as the dinner with the most entertainment in my career – ever. Russ the DJ had people dressing up as hula dancers, Mexican hat […]

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Scott and Heidi – July 28, 2007

Click here to watch Scott and Heidi’s online Italian Coffee Table Album – the shopping cart icon (for proofing and/or ordering all prints) will work once Scott and Heidi have had a chance to look at all the pictures. < Here's their holiday greeting card from last year! 🙂 I love the shot of Heidi […]

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Eric and Amber – July 27, 2007

Click here to view Eric and Amber’s Italian Coffee Table Album – the shopping cart icon will work once they have had a chance to review all of the pictures. Here is their highlight video!Eric and Amber’s wedding wins the “earliest bride ready to go” award. Usually we show up and shoot some creative “getting […]

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Kedar and Lindsay – July 21, 2007

Digital Coffee Table Album link – click on the shopping cart once Kedar and Lindsay have released all the pictures – free doubles until August 26!So my day starts off at 12:15 in the early morning at the Seattle Airport. This guy in front of me at the Northwest ticket counter couldn’t figure out why […]

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Click here to see the rest of the pictures (some taken by my 3-year old after arranging everyone how he wanted).Check out the size of that fish! I had to hike 3 hours uphill to get to Holden Lake in the Wenatchee Wilderness of Washington State but the views (and pictures) were well worth it […]

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