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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Model Session

The vacuum cleaner came out this morning to clean up some of the sprinkles that fell from one of our iced models yesterday during the fashion session of a lifetime! Soon to be wed Amber Ayers brought in 4 incredible models to show off their stuff. Dominique, Jes, Ruth and C(K)aitli(y)n (seems we fail at […]

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Nikki & Higher Power Yoga

If you are looking for a yoga instructor and/or contortionist, look no further than Nikki and Higher Power Yoga. Shout out to Chris and Josh for constructing the floating yoga mat and Jordan for the location. Josh needed two hours afterward for his feet to warm back up. The lighting was perfect for these shots […]

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Anamarie HD fusion Senior Session & BFF shoot

The weather was less than perfect for Anamarie, but she went out and toughed the rain and wind for some great shots! More than one of us almost went “swimming with the fishes” as Judd put it. We also caught a glimse of a bald eagle over the river! Thanks Anamarie for some fun in […]

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Hannah Senior Portrait Session

We had a blast with Hannah. The light was perfect and let us try out a few new locations around Stillwater. Hannah made us a little nervous when she jumped up on a ledge with a 25 foot drop behind, but it was worth it! She also put up with a stinky fish by the […]

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Every Once in Awhile…

Every once in awhile I get an image that jumps of my LCD at me and spunky Morgan provided that image today. She was easily bribed with Smarties and we barely got the image I was looking for before she jumped in the puddle and slashed the flash – can you tell which of these […]

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