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Derek and Janelle – May 28, 2006

I burned my skin on the beach at Point Dume before shooting Derek and Janelle’s Wedding at the cozy Calamingos wedding ranch in the Malibu vineyards of Southern California on a perfect evening. GREAT live music as well.

Good thing I upgraded to roll in a Chrysler 300 so my sunburn wouldn’t hurt so bad. Great car, but I felt I was going to get sideswiped continuously by the crazy CA drivers in narrow lanes on the freeway…plus, the windows are so short that I couldn’t rest my elbow out the window. Oh well, the cupholders were spacious.

By the way (public service announcement), you don’t have to buy rental car insurance – it’s a scam I fell for unfortunatley.

Studio J Wedding #3 for Memorial Day weekend… Click here to see their album! -Judd

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Bill and Heather – May 26, 2006

Bill is the “biggest groom smile” award winner for the year thus far and I really loved the shots of when Bill and Heather first saw each other. Heather, what an amazing dress! Wait until you guys see the shots with the buildings in the background at the park and the groomsmen jumping off the bench swing. 🙂

Here is their digital album:

Click on the little shopping cart at the bottom of the album to order individual prints. Enjoy! -Judd

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Wade and Brandi – May 13, 2006

Wade and Brandi’s Wedding – May 13, a little rain didn’t dampen the party at Carlson Towers!

We have worked extra hard to provide this first-ever digital photo album, so here it is:
The online album expires July 31.

All pictures from their wedding can be seen by clicking on the little shopping cart in the lower left-hand corner once you click on the link. Enjoy the pictures! -Judd, Amanda and Amy.

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