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Sports Banquets at The Loft!


The Loft at Studio J is a great place for sports banquets (Monday-Thursday only) – we have partnered with The Green Room in Stillwater for an amazing experience for your banquet!  Both The Loft and The Green Room are doing this a service to schools and a service to the community.  Judd (Loft owner) was a high school math teacher and varsity football/baseball coach for 18 years!

Menus: Taco Bar, Pasta Bar, American BBQ (pulled pork), or Chicken Dinner (Mashed potato and veggie)

Cost: $10/person to Loft and $10/person to Green Room (separate invoices – 50 person minimum)

Concept: Collect $25+ per person so you have enough to cover coaches tickets, drinks, and decorations.


Loft Inclusions: Rental from 4pm-9pm (setup from 4-6pm, banquet from 6-8pm, and clean up from 8-9pm)

– 60″ round tables (8 chairs per table), four 8′ rectangular tables (two for coaches table & awards, two for buffet), others available if needed

– Three big screen TVs for A/V (please have adapters that connect to HDMI, but we have some just in case!)

– Two wireless microphones and downlighting matched to your school colors

– Complete setup and take down

– Option for keepsake Photo Booth! ($500 upgrade with printed out photo-strip pictures)

– Extra tables and linens: $25 each

Green Room Inclusions: Food, Tables, Linens, Flatware, China, Server, Chef

What the group needs to bring: Ice (18 pound bag for every 25 people suggested), Cups, Drinks (2 liters work great!), dispensers, decorations


Here is a step-by-step approach for your event!

1. Contact Loft staff to book your date ($500 deposit preferred) –, 651-342-1476

2. Three days before event, call The Loft (651-342-1476) and The Green Room (651-528-9669) to confirm final numbers.  Let The Green Room know of any dietary concerns.

3. Email your tax-exempt certificate to The Loft (, to avoid tax as a school not-for-profit organization).

4. Select your drinks, decorations, dispensers (we have a few water pitchers), etc.

5. Show up at 4pm on the date of the banquet, put hazzard lights on in front of The Loft and have multiple people unload and help get everything inside the door and then find parking on Olive Street or the parking lots uphill on Olive.

6. Designate four people to help Loft staff with tables, chairs, and remove garbage for the end of the evening.

7. Tip The Green Room for service if desired – $100 recommended (no tip necessary for Loft employee).

Jessica Frisco - August 7, 2015 - 9:11 PM

Hello Judd and everyone else at The Loft and Studio J-

I am a high school art teacher at East Ridge in Woodbury. I have been considering the idea of having an “off-campus” art show for my Advanced Placement students this coming year.

I am wondering if you would be interested in hosting us? It seems like such an amazing adventure you are embarking on, and as a resident of Stillwater I would love to make use of your services if you are interested. I

I would also be interested in any alternative ideas you may have. I will have 35-40 students enrolled in my course. I considered having them display their single best work for a real evening art exhibit. I am not opposed to partnering with the Green room, as I enjoy their variety of cuisine and suspect the students would as well. However, this is not necessary. We could consider other options. I would imagine artworks will not be larger than 24X30 if two-dimensional and I will probably have a few three dimensional art students as well.

Please let me know your thoughts and if you would be interested in partnering with me to make my students feel special. Perhaps we could consider a deal to have the students create a large scale collaborative piece for The Loft in exchange for part of the fee…?

Thank you so much,

Jessica Frisco
cell: 651.274.3881

jsather - August 27, 2015 - 3:43 PM

Hey!! Let’s do it! Email me at

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