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Tim and Nikki – July 10, 2009

Tim and Nikki’s wedding links:
Engagement Guestbook Album

Wedding Album Pre-design

Link to all pictures (The EVENT KEY is Nikki’s maiden name – Tim and Nikki will release these after they have seen them all first)
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The McNamara Alumni Center is an amazing place to capture a wedding; especially for a one-of-a-kind couple like Tim and Nikki. Nikki had these amazingly unique red accents on her dress that just popped out at your eyes. I’m pretty sure Tim didn’t stop smiling the whole day until I asked him to do some “serious” pictures. I always strive to take 3-5 pictures at each wedding that I have NEVER taken before. It really challenges us and gives our clients unique images that no one else will have. As you can imagine after 8 years of weddings, we’ve pretty much exhausted the unique fun/natural/happy shots we always do that our clients love. So, I can feel myself digging deeper with the couple and venues to create some really cool images and we nailed some really cool ones as Tim and Nikki were totally up for it – fun stuff! We even went rogue with the help of best man Matthias and stepped into the almost complete TCF stadium for the Gophers. Man is that place going to be nice for games this fall. It was great at this wedding to see so many of my former math students and baseball / football players too; even Neil Cooper, the construction supervisor who kicked us out of the stadium! -Judd and Josh

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